5 Best Golf Courses in L.A. for Tim Tebow

OK, so maybe Tim Tebow’s not headed for Canada just yet. We tried to help him out by highlighting some golf courses he would enjoy up north, but it now looks as if our efforts should be focused on Los Angeles.

The L.A. KISS, an Arena Football League team owned by the renowned rock band, offered the quarterback a three-year contract on Monday. On Tuesday, he was spotted working out in L.A. On Wednesday, who knows? Maybe he’s playing golf?

Well, just in case Tebow decides upon the City of Angels as his new home, we want to make sure he knows where he can get in a round of 18. So here are the five best courses in L.A.:

Riviera Country Club
Coming in at No. 23 on Golf Digest’s latest round of rankings, Riviera hosts the PGA Tour’s Northern Trust Open. Hopefully Tebow has saved some of the money he earned in the NFL because Riviera’s initiation fee is reportedly $250,000, and the AFL can’t offer that kind of coin. But his mass appeal is probably good for an invite or two from the club’s members.

L.A. Country Club
Another private club that’s tough to get into – Forbes says it’s a club “where even Hollywood elites have a hard time getting in” – but Tebow has connections all over the world; we’re confident he can get on the course. It’s right smack in the heart of the plush west side – off Santa Monica Boulevard in between Beverly Hills and Westwood. The Playboy Mansion abuts the course, and while that’s not Tebow’s type of crowd, maybe he can still sneak a tour of the joint?

LA Country Club

Trump National Golf Club
Yet, if you’re going to golf in California, wouldn’t it be nice to hack it up with oceanic views? Tebow will appreciate the sights at Trump’s place. It’s about 30 minutes south of downtown L.A., which is actually closer the Honda Center in Anaheim, where the KISS competes. Green fees at Trump top out at $280, but with four holes on the back nine running along the coast, that price might be worth it. Then again, Trump will probably offer a comp for his esteemed guest.

Angeles National Golf Club
North of the city is a gem at the base of the Angeles National Forest and the only Nicklaus Design golf course in Los Angeles County. Forbes says it’s the best place to spot a celebrity, so Tebow should fit right in. Only the celebrities will be there to spot him.

Angeles National Golf Club

Lakeside Golf Club
If Tebow’s living in L.A., he’s surely going to have guests visit him. They’ll probably want to go tour Universal Studios and/or Warner Bros. Studios. Afterward, they may want to play some golf; this course is right in between those two tourist attractions. It opened in 1925 and the book “The Spirit of St. Andrews” mentions Lakeside as being “so admirably designed and constructed that it compares favorably with any inland course. In a word, Lakeside is one of the world’s greatest golf courses.”


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