Aussie Course Adds T-Rex Replica

Enormous, stationary replica dinosaurs are no longer obstacles reserved for miniature golf courses. Thanks to one Australian magnate, his resort is now adorned with one as well.

Clive Palmer, mining mogul who owns the Palmer Coolum Resort, had a 26-foot-high replica dinosaur installed behind the ninth green of the championship course that will host the Australian PGA Championship this week.

Nicknamed “Jeff,” the statue is just the start of an odd series of happenings on the track that has hosted one-third of the Australian Triple Crown for the last decade.

Click to view a picture of Jeff.

Palmer has painted signage throughout the course promoting Titantic II — the ocean-liner sequel he is having built. In addition, several signs promoting “freedom of speech” have been placed on the grounds.

The Australian PGA and tournament sponsor Coca-Cola are not too happy.

If Palmer has his way — and since he owns the place, he probably will — Jeff will be joined by another 149 animatronic dinosaurs.

“We now have ‘Jeff,’ our huge T-Rex, as an added attraction,” Palmer said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, “and I’m sure he will enjoy the attention from both golfers and spectators.”