Best Golf Courses for Tebow (Tee) Time

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In case you haven’t heard, controversial NFL player Tim Tebow has found a new home with the New England Patriots. Being a die-hard Pats fan myself, the first question that popped into my mind was “Hey, where the heck is this guy gonna play golf now?”

Luckily for Tebow, the Foxboro, MA area is saturated with golf courses! Here are three tracks the Patriots’ newest back-up QB might want to check out this season.

Foxborough Country Club – Foxboro, MA


I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess Tebow might get confused about the different spelling of “Foxboro”, but let’s not hold that against him. This semi-private course, opened in 1957, is located off Rte. 140 and Interstate 95 and in the heart of Patriot Land. While the club’s website states there are only “seven memberships left”, I’ll bet they can make an exception for Tebow.

Walpole Country Club – Walpole, MA


If Tebow is looking for a more private venue to lose a few golf balls, he’ll be hard-pressed to find a better choice than Walpole Country Club. Located a mere seven miles from the heart of Foxboro, this club features a wide range of activities that is sure to appeal to an NFL quarterback with a golf fetish.

TPC Boston – Norton, MA


By far one of the best courses in the country, TPC Boston is a mere eight miles south of Foxboro and offers cream-of-the-crop amenities for New England’s newest sports star. Home of the FedEx Cup Playoff’s Duetsche Bank Championship, this club has literally everything Tebow could ask for in a private club.

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