Couple Marries Atop Extreme 19th, World’s Toughest Hole

Weddings take place all the time at golf clubs and even on golf courses. But no wedding had taken place atop the world’s toughest golf hole – until now.

Earlier this month, Ladies European Tour player Lynnette Brooky married Ian Godleman, who used to coach Seve Ballesteros, on the tee box of the Extreme 19th Hole, the highest and longest par 3 in the world. The tee is 1,410 feet above the green on Hanglip Mountain in South Africa, and only accessible by helicopter.

After saying “I do,” the couple teed off, then flew down to putt out. Brooky made bogey, while Godleman carded a nine after three attempts off the tee. “I couldn’t hit the ball properly!” he said. “It was very nervous peering down from the top. I got so dizzy.”

He regained his balance in time to enjoy his first dance with his bride on the green. Twenty-four friends and family members were on hand to witness the unprecedented wedding ceremony, getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience of their own. They stayed in the “game farm” while at the Legend Golf and Safari Resort, and were “escorted by rangers armed with guns to fend off any roaming wildlife, which includes lions and cheetahs.”

Brooky and Godleman, who used to coach his now wife, took a golf trip to this resort two years ago and decided then that that’s where they wanted to tie the knot.

“We fell in love on the golf course and have now committed to each other on top of the golfing world,” Godleman said. “It was amazing, the whole day was like a James Bond movie and the logistics behind it were quite incredible.”

Incredible indeed. It’ll be tough for anyone to top that wedding ceremony. Hopefully Godleman didn’t set the expectations of what he can do in this marriage too high.

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