Drone Gives Tour of Golf Course Under Water

Water can be a golf course’s best friend, or worst nightmare. For one Ohio club, unfortunately, it was the latter.

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Big Met Golf Course in Fairview Park, Ohio, went from links to swampland due to heavy rain, closing it. In light of the unfortunate flooding, a local company, Cleveland Aerial Media, flew one of its drones over the course, giving viewers a look at the new body of water that replaced their former recreational retreat. Luckily, Keegan Bradley wasn’t around to take out this drone.

This would be a perfect opportunity to break out Bubba Watson’s hovercraft, although you might need scuba gear to find your ball. 

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, 12 of the 18 holes were underwater, but not much damage was done. The course will re-open on Saturday after the brunt of the flooding occurred on Monday.

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