Gator Balances Golf Ball on Its Head

Gators on golf courses are nothing new. Especially in Florida, where some golfers recently spotted one lurking just outside a pond.

No big deal there, only this big fella had a golf ball on its head.

An errant shot? A new hazard? Play the ball as it lies? That’s what people were trying to figure out as they came upon the reptile and snapped photos.

But after the above story ran on WWSB in the Sarasota, Fla., area, a viewer called in to say that someone in her group actually tossed a ball at that gator. After it hit the ground, the ball bounced and came to a rest on the gator. The people that the news station interviewed must have been behind the initial group.

OK, so why would you toss a golf ball at a gator? To see if it eats it? To see if it can catch? To shoo it back into the water?

Maybe I’m a wuss, or maybe Floridians just know more about gator behavior, but if I see a gator anywhere within a 9-iron of me, I’m keeping that 100-yard distance between us at all costs. And I’m not wasting even a range ball to see if it’s hungry.


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