Mini Golf Course Meets the Apocalypse

Just about every mini-golf course has the same traditional obstacles: the windmill, the loop-de-loop, the narrow bridge over a raging stream of water…we’ve all seen them, and probably conquered them as well. Smash Putt has taken the challenge of mini-golf to a new level, and it’s awesome.

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Smash Putt is an extreme mini-golf course located in Portland, Ore., and it’s an adventure you have to see to believe. The course is littered with crazy obstacles such as golf ball cannons, buzz saws, and lasers, making it unlike any mini-golf course around.

The event is located in a warehouse in downtown Portland features the course as well as full bar to keep players well lubricated. It’s an adult-only course, and tickets are available for purchase on the website, ranging from $10 to $16 depending on the day and time.

The apocalyptic event is only running through the end of March, so be sure to take advantage while it’s still around.

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