The Most Extreme 1,476 Feet in Golf

New Zealand is known for its breathtaking scenery and majestic landscapes — not necessarily its golf. Now, however, you can combine the two into one unbelievable experience with the help of a helicopter and a 1,476-foot drop. 

Seriously, that ridiculously awesome par-3 19th hole at the Legends Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa may have some company at the top of the “world’s greatest” or “world’s toughest” par 3 lists. 

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Atop Cecil Peak sits arguably the most extreme hole in all of golf. Perched 4,500 feet above sea level in the southern Alps, the sum of an idea between Over the Top Helicopters and Eric Faesenkloet, owner of New Zealand’s Golf Warehouse, has become one of the most remote — and most difficult — golf experiences in the world. 

Think you could take on the 311-yard hole? 

(photos courtesy of GolfNewsNet)





With turf tee boxes built on massive boulders and an artificial green — which needed helicopters to help build it — it’s safe to say Mother Nature never intended for golf to be played in the alps. But as we’ve learned before, if you build it, they will come — and come golfers surely will for the chance to tackle the most extreme test in golf. 

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