Donald Trump is no stranger to the power of his last name. It’s one of the most recognizable in the world, and it’s he’s emblazoned it on everything from skyscrapers to bottled water.  And it doesn’t seem like The Donald will stop any time soon. 

Just a few months after purchasing the iconic Turnberry Golf Resort, Trump announced at a press conference Wednesday that he’ll be adding his name to the resort’s title. It will now be called “Trump Turnberry” for one simple reason the billionaire is all too familiar with: money.


“One of the things that I think is good (about the Trump organization) is we have tremendous success, our buildings are tremendously successful, so if you add it, I’m not doing it for ego, I’m doing it because it’s going to make the place more successful,” Trump said.

“If I thought it was going to hurt Turnberry I wouldn’t use the name but it’s going to make this great resort much more successful than it has been and that’s the primary reason I’m doing it.”

Trump apparently talked to “very important” people in Scotland about the idea of a name change, and they seemed to be on board.


“I actually asked some people that are very important in Scotland, although I won’t get them in trouble by saying their name, but I’ve spoken to very important and very powerful political people and I said ‘what do you think of the idea of Trump Turnberry?'” Trump said. 

“Everyone said that they would love it, I spoke to the higher-ups in the world of golf and one of them said it used to be called Westin Turnberry when the Japanese owned it, I think Trump Turnberry sounds much better.”

Turnberry has hosted The Open Championship four times, and should be in line to host another in the future.

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