The Most Extreme Golf You’ll Ever Experience

If the chilly, snowy weather has you down, pack your bags – and your clubs. You’re going to Bjorkliden, Sweden. Don’t fight the snow; embrace it.

Maybe you’re one of the crazy lucky few who have played snow golf. But have you ever played snow golf under the Northern Lights?

Bjorkliden is 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle and known more for its skiing. But where there’s a golf course in the summer, why can’t there be a golf course in the winter? Especially if you already have the snow plows that groom ski slopes?

Snow golf in Sweden

“It really is a strange experience,” Jonny Cooper, director of Off the Map Travel, told “Not only are you dressed in a few more layers than normal, you really do have to play the most accurate golf of your life. If you thought it hard looking for your ball in the rough, try a snowdrift!”

If playing in the snow wasn’t challenging enough, you can grab a guide and some glowing golf balls and hack away at night under the Northern Lights. One of the guys from GolfMagic did just that earlier this year.

You can whine about the snow and ice, and how your game can’t improve over the winter. Or you can head to the northernmost part of Sweden and play the most extreme golf you’ll ever experience.

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