Donald Trump on FOL: Passionate About Success

It comes as no surprise that a guy worth about $3 billion would be passionate about his enterprise. Donald Trump’s success has been well documented over the years. Whether he was firing people on “The Apprentice,” or making his opinion on social matters public on Twitter, it has always been apparent that Trump is a passionate man.

Mr. Trump joined Matt Adams on Fairways of Life and discussed how being passionate drives him to be successful: 

“You need passion to be successful. I have passion for all of the things I do…whether it’s a building, or a golf club, or whatever I may be doing.”

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The word passion resonates with anyone who is truly driven to be successful. Obviously, Donald Trump is a great role model in terms of someone whose success is worth striving towards. The passion he speaks of is particularly relatable to us here at back9network. The passion for what we do is what drives an inner need to be successful. When you hear a guy as successful as Donald Trump talk about how he is still so passionate about what he does, it puts into perspective the amount of drive needed to reach a particular goal. 

To listen to the full show, click here.

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