18 Great Golf Apps For Your iPhone 5S or 5C

Christmas comes in December, and many businesses put on a “Christmas in July” event. But Tuesday is like Christmas in September for iPhone fans.

That’s because Apple introduced two new versions of the iPhone 5: a souped-up model called the 5S and a cheaper model called the 5C. The 5S introduces a fingerprint reader and the goal with the 5C is to get more hands on an iPhone.

Naturally, this calls for a list. Here are the 18 best golf apps (9 free, 9 paid) for your new iPhone 5s or 5C:


Flick Golf – We all wish the game of golf were simple. This one is. Just flick your shot on the No. 1 sports game in more than 100 countries.

Foursum Golf – You can track your score, get yardages and even see stats of your performances, but this app encourages interactiveness with friends. Compare yourself to your buddies on leaderboards, see what your friends are up to with a real-time activity stream, and earn points based on your engagement and performance.

GolfLogix GPS – The No. 1 golf app for nearly as long as the App Store has been around, GolfLogix GPS features distances on any course in the world, four-player scoring and stats, a live-streaming golf news feed, and deals with companies like Golfsmith and Golf Digest.

My Pro To Go – Record your swing and send it in using the app, then a certified GolfTEC coach will respond with an evaluation. More features available for purchase.

Nike Golf 360 – Keep score on more than 30,000 courses worldwide; analyze stats like driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putts per round; and access golf-specific workout videos.

PGA TOUR Caddie – View more than 500,000 greens on 40,000 courses across the world, in addition to fly over previews of each hole. A 30-day free trial offers shot distances and club recommendations. And the for-purchase TOURAcademy shows tips and drills videos.

Swing By Swing Golf GPS – This one gives you a full GPS rangefinder for nearly 35,000 courses, satellite images, shot distance tracking, as wells as graphs and stats so you can watch the improvement of your game.

WGT Golf Lite – The No. 1 golf game on the internet makes its way to mobile. You can only play closest-to-the-hole games, not full stroke play, but World Golf Tour allows you to play some of the world’s most famous courses.

Who’s Your Caddy – Read and/or watch tips from club pros about a specified course, and register to win Gimmes, which are prizes awarded for frequent use and loyalty.


Skydroid Golf GPS ($1.99) – One of the cheapest GPS apps, Skydroid offers distances to every hazard and green on more than 20,000 courses, as well as satellite images.

Visulax Golf ($2.99) – The No. 1 mental golf app in the App Store, Visulax offers tips on visualization and relaxation, and even your short game.

SwingPlane ($3.99) – Like most other swing-analyzing apps, SwingPlane shows your video next to a pro’s, but with this one you can draw shapes to monitor swing plane, head position and other key positions.

USGA Rules of Golf ($3.99) – If you really want to play like the pros, you need to follow the rules like the pros. Have a question that the app can’t answer? Just email the USGA.

Tiger Woods: My Swing ($4.99) – Compare your swing side-by-side to the legend’s, watch how-to videos featuring Woods, and see exclusive videos from Woods while he’s on tour.

V1 Golf ($4.99) – Become one of more than 45 million swings filmed and analyzed, and compare yours to that of pros like Rory McIlroy, Freddy Couples and Lorena Ochoa.

Golf Rules Quick Reference ($9.99) – Think your golf partner is cheating, but not sure of the rules? Look it up in this app and have a ruling in seconds.

GolfShot ($29.99) – A detailed golf GPS device that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, GolfShot has earned its way into the Apple App Store Essentials Hall of Fame, an honor chosen by Apple.

SwingSmart ($249) – Place the SwingSmart module on your club shaft, practice a few swings, upload the data via your iPhone, and get instant feedback on tempo, attack angle, swing speed and face angle.

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