5 Badass iPhone 5 Golf Apps

When it comes to golf, there is no shortage of great apps for the ubiquitous iPhone.

Among the most popular are Tiger Woods’ iPhone game, the swing-analysis app V1 and the sweet iSwing app. The Masters app is amazing, too.

There are a bunch of fun and useful golf apps out there, however, that have nothing to do with tips, swing analysis, or the professional ranks. These are a handful of must-haves to grab for your new iPhone5.

Price: Originally $29.99, now on sale for $0.99
iTunes stars: 3/5
Official Website: http://www.golfmoolah.com

We get it, you’re not out on the course to set any records. You’d rather focus your energy on the 3 B’s: beers, BS-ing and betting.

With too much of the first B, counting and arithmatic can get pretty tough after the turn. It’s OK. This app is going to be your new best friend. Forget Siri. GolfMoolah is your guy.

The app’s coolest feature? You can pay your bets straight through PayPal and plug your scores into GHIN.

3D Mini Golf Challenge
Price: Free
iTunes stars: 4.5/5
Official Website: http://www.digitalchocolate.com/iphone/

It’s putt-putt. It’s 3D. It’s awesome. ‘Nuff said. Oh yeah, and it’s free.

Flick Golf Extreme!
Price: $0.99
iTunes stars: 4.5/5
Official Website: http://www.fullfat.com/games/flick-golf-extreme/

If the most striking memory you have from the 2007 film “I Am Legend” is Will Smith smacking golf balls off the back of an aircraft carrier, then this is your app.

Aircraft carriers, skyscrappers and even the canals of Venice serve as your tee boxes in Flick Golf Extreme. Cue the Dorito’s commercial: EXXXTTTRRREEEMMMEEE!

The gameplay, which, as you might guess, involves flicking your finger across the screen. Once you hit a shot, you can redirect the ball, bend it in mid-air and spin it, all with – you guessed it – the flick of a finger. But, flick at your own risk.

Beware one main side effect: extreme addiction. You’ve been warned.

Price: Free
iTunes stars: 3/5
Official Website: http://www.clipix.com
What does this app do? Let Clipix founder Oded Berkowitz explain.

“It was born as a utility to organize our lives online,” Berkowitz said. “We see things on the Internet all day long and many times you want to get back to what you saw online and can never find it again. When you start a Clipix account, you drag the clip button onto your bookmark bar and anytime you see anything online you want to keep, you click on the clip button and it’s placed in a customized clipboard.”

Sounds like Pinterest. The difference? If you’re shopping online for a set of clubs, a vacation package or anything, you gather all the stuff you’re interested in on clipboards organized by category, then Clipix comes in with price drop alerts.

Say you’re in the market for a pair of Kikkor Golf shoes that are priced at $99.99 at an online store, but you don’t want to shell out more than $79.99. You can instruct Clipix to alert you when the price drops to that level. The app gives you, literally, the green light when the price changes, telling you it’s Rickie Fowler #GOTIME.

Price: Free
iTunes stars: Not available
Official Website: http://www.scan4beer.com/

The only thing better than beer is free beer. The only thing better than a beer app is a free beer app — and this app is just that.

Scan4Beer does one thing, and does that one thing really well: it once and for all eliminates the phrase “Where the hell is the beer cart girl?!”

Yes, the golf gods have answered our prayers.

Whip out your smartphone, scan the mobile barcode on your cart, and send your order and hole number straight to that roving retailer. She should be there in a jiffy. Eventually you’ll be able to do this from your stadium seat, beach chair or bowling lane.

It’s basically the best invention since the doggie remote caddie.