Adams Tight Lies: The Return of a Legend

Originally launched in 1995, Adams Tight Lies fairway woods changed the game for millions of professional and amateur golfers across the globe. Thanks to revolutionary club technology that helped you lift the ball into the air from virtually any lie, fandom around the Tight Lies grew seemingly overnight.

Now a whole new generation of golfers can experience the Tight Lies thanks to a brand-new club design. The focus of the Tight Lies remains the same: provide players of any level an alternative club option to the traditional fairway wood design, which normally serves more like a “mini-driver” with a high center-of-gravity (COG). While traditional woods can hit the ball well off a tee or off the fairway, lies in the rough, sand, and out of divots tend to be an issue.

The new Adams Tight Lies features an exceedingly low COG that not only helps you get the ball into the air, but the club’s tri-level sole design helps you do so from anywhere on the course.

I had the opportunity to test out a 16 degree 3-wood Tight Lies club recently and was astounded by the results. Not only was I much more accurate and consistent with the Tight Lies compared to my current fairway metal, but I also hit the snot out of the ball. The Tight Lies has one of the hottest club faces on any club I have hit this year.

You know what that means, kids? I’m going for that next par-5 in two.

The new Adams Tight Lies fairway woods retail for $199 and come equipped with a stock Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara shaft. The 16 degree version will launch on August 15 with other lofts becoming available shortly after.

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