Greg Hopkins Explodes Onto Custom Wedge Market

What’s the most important golf club in your bag?

For some players, the putter is the “money club” that they rely on to make or break their round. Others might prefer their driver or a favorite hybrid club. For me, having the confidence in a high-performance set of wedges spells the difference between shooting a low score or drowning my sorrows at the 19th hole.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. *cough*

That’s why when I heard that former Cleveland Golf/Srixon CEO Greg Hopkins now sits on the Back9Network’s Board of Directors, I had to test out his line of custom wedges from Hopkins Golf. Needless to say, I was overly impressed.

First and foremost, Hopkins Golf wedges look like they can do some damage from 100-yards and in. Featuring a classic grind appearance while adding a flare of color to the Hopkins logo on each club, I was immediately instilled with a sense of confidence upon addressing my first shot. I cannot overstate how important a certain comfort level with your wedge is to short-game success. I got exactly that with the Hopkins wedges.


Next, the clubs’ technology put these puppies right in line with any other club on the market. Designed with the customer’s direct input in mind, you are able to choose from seven different grind options to build a set of wedges perfect for your game. Do you typically play in softer conditions? Go with the Wide Grind option. Are you more likely to play on firm, dry courses? Perhaps the Shelf or Channel Grinds are best for you.

By using the step-by-step wedge customization process on the Hopkins website, you’re not just building the perfect set of wedges, you’re developing a set of scoring weapons to bring to your next golf match or outing. You just became a wedge ninja, yo!

To learn more about Hopkins Golf wedges, be sure to visit the company website. In the meantime, I’ll be using my set to teach my golf partners a lesson.

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