Back9 Test: Game Golf Review

Game Golf has been quite the fad across the interwebs as of late. The digital tracking device made for golfers seeks to bring hackers of all skill levels into the data-centric age. I had the chance to test out Game Golf recently for a first-hand look at this newfangled doohickey.

In a nutshell, the Game Golf unit looks like a pager that you clip to your belt while each of your clubs features a grip plug – or “tag” – that you attach prior to your round. As you play the round, Game Golf will record your shot distances with each swing and store it in an intergalactic database for you to review when you get home. I won’t bore you with the technological specifications of this innovative device, so visit their website to learn more.


What I will go into, of course, is my experience testing Game Golf. The belt device is small enough to stay out of your way while swinging and the club grip tags are completely inconspicuous. You’ll be able to incorporate Game Golf into your regular round of golf with absolutely no problem.

It is also incredibly easy to set-up and use. After registering your device online and filling out a few webpages, you are ready to bring Game Golf to the course. Before each shot simply touch the butt-end of your club to the belt device, wait for the beep, and hit your shot. That’s it.

To be honest, touching the device with your clubs did take some getting used to at first. The belt clip is also only wide enough to affix to “normal” sized belts.

After the round, I plugged Game Golf into my laptop, downloaded my round data and immediately saw a ton of stats I normally would not have had prior to using Game Golf. My only question, of course, was “now what?”

For diehard golfers, the stats offered by Game Golf are probably extremely valuable. For average guys like me, however, they are more of a novelty than anything I would normally care about.

Overall, I was pleased with my experience with Game Golf. I see the value of tracking as many stats as possible as easy as possible, and this device does both wonderfully. Retailing at around $250 for the unit, Game Golf might be more of a “nice to have” than a “must have.”



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