Black and White:~Odyssey’s Versa Putter

Odyssey Golf hopes its new Versa line of putters will leave you with no gray area in reading putts.

The Versa features the High Contrast Alignment system, a stark black-and-white contrast laterally on the club head which accentuates the face angle at address. This contrast assists players with aligning their putts by focusing on the solid black or white line parallel to the golf ball and perpendicular to the target line.

Relax; you won’t need a refresher on geometry to grasp this alignment concept. The new Versa operates on the concept that what we see is largely based on how well we distinguish shapes when contrasted against basic colors like white and black.

The Versa line also debuts an improved White Hot insert to provide a soft feel at impact without compromising distance and a true roll on the green. The putters will be available in a variety of styles and begin appearing at most major retailers starting Jan. 18.