Black Magic Announces a New Type of Gap Wedge

Gap wedges help fill the void in your golf bag between your pitching wedge and sand wedge. You know those pesky 100-yard shots that you’re faced with during your round? Gap wedges love ‘em.

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Black_Magic_Wedge_Article1The fine folks over at Black Magic Golf have unveiled their own special take on the gap wedge. The Black Magic 52-degree gap wedge not only produces longer shots for players who need a little boost, but the club’s unique design makes this wedge shank-proof.

The Black Magic wedge is basically a “hybrid wedge” that features a thick, putter-like sole and rounded face built for distance and control. It may look a little funky at first, but this wedge is actually very playable and allows you more shot-making versatility than what is normally possible with a standard gap wedge.

This versatility allows the golfer to adjust his swing length to execute shots of different distances instead of needing to carry multiple wedges. While low-handicap golfers may prefer carrying three or four wedges, novice players want to make the game as simple as possible. The Black Magic wedge helps make that happen.

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