Callaway Speed Regime: Made For Your Swing Speed

Golf has become a customized sport. Golfers have long been able to have clubs custom made or fit. Shafts and shoes are now often fit to a player’s tendencies.

Now, Callaway has introduced a line of golf balls meant to fit a golfer’s swing speed.

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The Speed Regime line features the SR 1, SR 2 and SR 3 golf balls. Each ball was designed and constructed to work best with varying swing speeds.

The SR 1 is made for golfers with a swing speed of 90 MPH or below. Made similarly to previous premium Callaway balls, the SR 1 is comprised of a dual-core and thin mantle layer that promote lower spin off the clubface of lower clubs while increasing the spin upon launch in shorter clubs. With the softest cover in the line, the SR 1 is also optimized to improve short game control.

The SR 2 is optimized for golfers with swing speeds between 90 and 105 MPH. The ball was engineered to have less drag and more velocity off the tee while promoting lift towards the later portion of the flight to help with carry distance. The SR 2 is a five-piece construction with a dual-core and double mantle layer. With a mix of both distance and short-game control, the SR 2 is a bit more firm than the softer SR 1 but maintains an easy-to-control feel around the green and on wedge shots.

The SR 3 is geared towards players possessing a swing speed of 105 MPH or higher. The low-spin and low-drag design is perfect for players of a high caliber as the five-piece, HEX dimple design is made to limit the energy lost upon impact and to reduce consistency-losing spin caused by the higher swing speeds. Firmer than the SR 1 and SR 2, the SR 3 is still an improvement over previous premium balls from Callaway.

Available in January, the SR line of balls from Callaway will retail for $47 a dozen.

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