Designing the Nike TW’14 with Tiger

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When Nike Golf unveiled the new TW’14 Golf Shoe, I knew it would change the way golf shoes are made for years to come.  After getting a closer look at their design and feel, I am convinced that golf footwear will never be the same.

Let’s not beat around the bush, folks; Nike knows athletic shoes.  They are the company’s bread and butter and have been for decades. Some of the biggest names in sports history have collaborated with the Oregon-based company to design shoes that are more than just another apparel item.  Nike doesn’t make shoes to cover your feet; they make pieces of equipment to elevate your game. 

You wouldn’t want some big wigs behind a desk who play golf once a week designing your equipment, right?  Of course not.  You’d rather see it done by the athletes you watch on TV.  I know I would.

Other companies have tried to duplicate the level of performance that Nike offers to its athletes.  What sets Nike apart from other footwear companies, however, is the level of commitment and feedback they gather from the best in the world regarding a shoe’s design.  That’s why it is no surprise to see how involved Tiger Woods has been in designing the TW’14.

As you can see, Nike’s designers worked tirelessly with the World No. 1 to produce the best product possible. When it comes to golf equipment, I’m going to trust what the best golfer of my generation is using instead of what a pro shop salesman is trying to push. 

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