EA Sports Cancels Tiger Woods ’15

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour game franchise was introduced by EA Sports in 1998 with “Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’99,” and the company has released a new version of the game every year since then.

Until next year.

With the PlayStation 4 and a new XBox system set to be released in early 2014, EA has decided to give its developers two years to work on the 2016 version of the game that will be compatible with the new consoles.

Whereas the news might be negative on the surface, the people at EA Sports assure gamers that this has nothing to do with a parting of ways. It’s simply a matter of bad timing.

Kotaku.com has the reason and says EA Sports initially planned to outsource next year’s version:

“EA’s plan was to outsource that edition of the game, to give the in-house team two years to make Tiger Woods 16, taking advantage of all the PS4 and the next Xbox would have to offer.” – Kotaku.com 

ESPN’s Rick Reilly also weighed in.

Apparently, Reilly will use any opportunity he can get to take a jab at Tiger. 

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