Even More Callaway Big Bertha News

Callaway Golf has unleashed a plethora of Big Bertha news on their brand new website today, which means one article on this exciting new release just isn’t enough.

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In addition to laying out all the nuts and bolts of the Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha drivers, Callaway also posted a number of videos and photos of what might be the prettiest golf clubs these eyes have ever seen. There are a couple specific differences between the two new offerings, however. Let’s take a closer look.

First, the Big Bertha driver features a sliding weight mechanism very similar to what TaylorMade’s SLDR driver offers. Like the SLDR, players can move the weight along the perimeter of the clubhead to promote a draw or fade bias, depending on preference. This feature is paramount to a new innovation in golf club technology, providing the player more customization and control over their swing than ever before.

The Big Bertha series also features a removable weighted bolt toward the hosel of the club which promotes a lower center of gravity previously seen in other drivers. As always, this feature helps catapult the golf ball into the air, making the Big Bertha one of the easiest drivers to hit consistently.


Next, the Big Bertha Alpha series removes the sliding weight mechanism and replaces it with three weighted bolts. Callaway has deemed the center bolt a Gravity Core, which basically allows the player to control the club’s vertical center of gravity.

Why is this important? The Gravity Core allows you to adjust golf ball spin rate independent of launch angle. In other words, a lower COG will promote more spin for some players, which will help with accuracy while sacrificing a few yards in distance. Removing the Core does just the opposite: less spin, less accuracy, more distance.


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