Exclusive: Cleveland Golf’s New Smart Square Putter

On Monday, Cleveland Golf announced its new Smart Square putter that is sure to change your short game for the better.

What’s the secret to this new short game innovation? The key to the Smart Square is Dual Axis Alignment: two squares on the top of the putter head that create parallel lines to frame the ball at address and provide a clear visual path to the hole. They also generate two perpendicular lines that easily highlight when the putter is misaligned – even by a fraction of a degree.

According to Cleveland Golf brand manager Adam Sheldon, the Dual Axis Alignment technology makes a major difference in overall putting performance.

“Our testing shows players aligned the Smart Square 25 percent more accurately than one of the most popular putters of all time,” Sheldon explained. “Furthermore, the Smart Square promotes consistent roll with a copolymer face insert, which also enhances feel and sound at impact.”




I had the chance to play nine holes with the new Smart Square putter this weekend and can safely say it is the easiest putter to align that I’ve ever used. Not only did this lead to more made putts throughout my round, it also gave me a confidence boost when addressing each putt. In addition, I loved the way each putt felt off the Smart Square, which promotes a soft, true roll every time.

The Smart Square is available in three different options to suit a variety of stroke preferences. There are heel- and center-shafted versions available in standard lengths, as well as a 39-inch Almost Belly model.

You can pick up your new Smart Square putter on Nov. 15 and will retail for $139.99 for standard lengths and $179.99 for the Almost Belly.

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