Express Yourself With Crystal<br>Clear Grips

When it comes to self expression on the golf course, traditionalists may turn up their noses and look the other way. Thankfully, many equipment companies are following the personalization trend and allowing you to express yourself in different ways. Crystal Clear Golf grips is one example of how you can add a little “you” into your golf game

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It’s plain and simple, golfers love to express themselves whether it is in how we play, what we use, or how we dress. We put custom marks on our balls, we pay extra for special headcovers, designs on our putters, bags, and shoes. Yet when it comes to grips, they almost all look the same. Crystal Clear Grips is bound to change that.

The Crystal Clear® Grip Corporation is now putting a unique and stylish grip on the market that golfers can use to further custom their clubs and express themselves. Their grips can be customized by adding pictures, letters, words, and other images to be clearly seen through a transparent polymer.


Clear Grips uses 3 layers to customize the grip for each player. From their site they note:

“The first layer of rubber is applied to the club shaft. A second layer is then placed on top of the initial rubber base. This second layer consists of media (design, logos, flags, etc) chosen by the sponsor, corporation and artifact. Finally, a very thin third layer of transparent durable polymer is carefully applied for that great gel-like feel.”


Crystal Clear Grips offers several types of grips ranging from a hybrid, to a lightweight jumbo, as well as putter grips (standard, broomstick, and belly are all available). Ordering is snap and the simple instructions to do so are provided via their website.

You can read more about Crystal Clear® Grips on their website or by stopping by their booth (#2108) later this month at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. Crystal Clear Grips owner, Clive Lu, has more to say about his product below. Enjoy!

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