Frankencart: Four Old Golf Carts and a Pontiac

Custom golf carts are awesome, but usually cost a pretty penny. We’ve seen everything from Bubba Watson’s hovercraft (if you consider that a golf cart) to a Batman-inspired “cartmobile,” which sold for a ridiculous amount on eBay. So what if I told you there’s a custom golf cart made from a Pontiac Grand Am, four old golf carts and scrap metal … and also doubles as a tow truck? Well, it’s real, and it’s spectacular.


(Photo courtesy of Autoweek)

Five guys at the Pechanga Resort and Casino auto shop in Temecula, Calif., put together this fantastic piece of machinery, recycling old materials to make something extremely functional. And the best part? It only cost $381.

The tow truck not only looks cool, but it’s also very helpful. Rather than driving around the resort with a traditional golf cart to help guests with car trouble, Pechanga Resort employees now get to drive the streets of the resort in a six-wheel monster cart.


(Photo courtesy of Autoweek)

The suspension, frame chassis, and steering column are from leftover golf carts, while the brake system was taken from the Pontiac Grand Am. The whole thing is powered by a 26-HP Honda engine from a lawn mower, giving the tow-cart enough power to haul away broken-down golf carts around the facility.


(Photo courtesy of Autoweek)

The team, led by auto shop supervisor, Mike Lemire, built the cart over an eight-month period, using their off time to complete the project. It’d be a challenge to find a cooler custom golf cart for less than $381.

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