Gearing Up: 3Bays GSA PRO Swing Analyzer

Receiving immediate constructive feedback on your golf swing is the main reason anyone hires a golf instructor or signs up for a swing clinic. However, lessons can be insanely expensive, especially when taken over a long period.

The new full-swing golf analyzer by 3Bays offers a great alternative to the traditional golf lesson.

I had the opportunity to test out the 3Bays GSA PRO golf swing analyzer recently and was admittedly skeptical to its effectiveness. I have tested many different “self-help” golf swing gadgets over the years, many of which are grossly inaccurate and, frankly, a waste of time and money. After a few minutes working with the 3Bays product, however, I can assure you this system is the real deal.

Comprised of a single golf-tee-like sensor that fits onto the butt-end of your club’s grip, the 3Bays analyzer is compact and lightweight (less than an ounce!) while also highly accurate and effective. You use this sensor in conjunction with a smartphone application – available on iTunes and Android – to record a litany of swing data that is not only helpful to the player, but also makes sense to the layman golfer.

The club fixture uses advanced motion sensors to digitize swing elements like your swing plane, clubhead speed, tempo and your impact force on every shot you hit. All of the digital output is conveniently displayed on your iPhone or Android-powered smartphone, which I found to be highly useful and discrete. I don’t know anybody who likes to take a bunch of golf swing gadgets with them to the driving range out of the fear of embarrassment. The 3Bays GSA PRO system remedies this issue by being small and compact enough to work on your game in virtual privacy.

Overall, I was very impressed with the amount of detail such a small sensor could provide on my golf swing. While sometimes a bit “off” when I took half-swings – and this was very infrequent – the 3Bays GSA PRO provided incredibly accurate readings throughout my practice session. I would highly recommend trying this product to improve your game.

You can learn more about the 3Bays sensor and game improvement system by visiting the company website.