Gearing Up: Axis1 Eagle Putter

A few weeks ago I wrote a review on Axis1 Golf, an equipment company focused on providing high-quality putters to players of any skill level. This week I had the chance to try out the Axis1 Eagle putter, which is by far one of the more solid flatsticks I have ever used.

What makes Axis1 putters so unique is the offset clubhead design featured on all models, coupled with perfectly balanced weight dispersion throughout the club. These features promote a torque-free putting stroke, which limits the amount of clubhead rotation throughout your stroke. The result is more putts staying online regardless of distance.

What I liked most about the Eagle model was its attractive silver finish and gold face insert. This club is simply nice to look at, even with the unusual clubhead design. Furthermore, the golf ball comes off softly from the Eagle’s clubface and into a pure roll almost immediately. I had no problem adjusting to the clubhead’s appearance at address after a few minutes of practice.

Thanks to a design patent, Axis1 Golf is the only company that can put the center-of-gravity of their putters perfectly centered behind the clubface for the next 20 years. This technology eliminates “skidding” off the face and promotes increased consistency on your putts.

Axis1 is also dedicated to providing an alternative to the anchored putting stroke, thanks to strategically placed weighting throughout the entire putter. These clubs almost swing themselves.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Axis1 Eagle putter during a recent practice session. While the club’s appearance may not be for everyone, there is no doubting the club’s performance on the greens.