Gearing Up: Callaway X Hot Fairway Woods

Callaway’s new X Hot fairway woods are impressive in terms of performance and appearance. I recently tested the fairway metals and am happy to report that I will be keeping them in my bag for a long time. Let’s take a closer look.

The X Hot fairway woods feature many of the same elements found in the series’ driver models. Each club has a low center-of-gravity and perimeter weighting to boost forgiveness on off-center hits. The modern Warbird clubhead sole helps the club to easily cut through the rough and helps you get the ball airborne off most lies.

I found the fairway woods to be much longer than my current clubs. The 3-wood was at least 10 yards longer than what I’m accustomed to in past fairway woods. The feel of the club is a bit “harder” than I prefer, although I couldn’t argue with the shot results and distance. Off-center hits still jumped off the clubface without penalizing me too much. I was even able to hit the club cleanly on a buried lie in deep rough. This club is versatile.

The crown of the clubhead has a soft grey finish, which is pleasing to the eye at address and gives the X Hot a cool look. The Project X Velocity shaft provides excellent feedback on every swing, allowing me to “feel” the ball in my hands. The X Hot is also light, so you can confidently unload on the golf ball for maximum swing speeds.

Callaway’s X Hot fairway woods start at $229 and are available in a variety of lofts.