Gearing Up: Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges

Cobra Golf is quickly making a name for itself as an emerging leader in clubmaking. With their new Tour Trusty wedge series, Cobra promises to help your short game from inside 100 yards.

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Let’s be honest with one another for a second. Cobra Golf seems to spend a lot of time designing clubs and clothing – along with apparel partner PUMA – for the younger golfing demographic. They like flashy colors, flashy product names and loud marketing campaigns. They have successfully distanced themselves from more “traditional” companies like Titleist, Callaway and PING.


I’m here to tell you there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that.

The Cobra Tour Trusty wedges are high-quality golf clubs, period. The graphics on the club – while reserved to bright orange lettering that jump out at you like a deer on a highway – further distinguish the company from all competitors. The wedges’ performance is fantastic, which distances Cobra from the pack even further.

The spin rates you will notice from hitting a Tour Trusty wedge are incredible. I have a hard time backing up a wedge on any green, no matter which grooves you throw at me. Not only was I able to stop driving range balls on a dime (on rock hard winter greens, mind you), but I could actually spin the ball back multiple feet. That’s insane backspin.

The Cobra Tour Trusty wedges retail for $119.00 and are available in a variety of loft preferences.

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