Gearing Up: Ecco Men’s BIOM Golf Hybrid Shoe

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Spikeless golf shoes are inching closer to gym shoes every year, prompted by golf fans’ demand for more comfort while walking the fairways. As evidenced by its new Men’s BIOM Golf Hybrid shoe series, Ecco Golf is quickly becoming a leader in on-course comfort and performance in the footwear department.

The BIOM Golf Hybrid is both sporty and fashionable without sacrificing durability and comfort. These shoes are incredibly lightweight, which is a quality I appreciate while marching back and forth from one side of the rough to the next in search of my golf ball. The shoe’s upper is also water-repellant and snug-fitting, which was quite helpful when I stepped ankle deep in a mud puddle. Real men hit their balls in the trees.

Ecco Men’s BIOM Golf Hybrid Shoe

In terms of comfort, the BIOM’s Yak-leather outsole is durable enough to protect your feet in any weather condition, yet breathable enough to promote airflow around your foot. An anatomically shaped triple-component insole features a combination of polyester and other Ecco-patented materials to support your foot with each step.

Ecco Men’s BIOM Golf Hybrid Shoe

Of course, the most important quality of any golf shoe is how well they keep you connected to the turf during your swing. I played in some slushy conditions during my test run and the BIOMs never slipped once. Better yet, the BIOMs wiped clean with my golf towel and I was able to drive home in them as if they were gym shoes.

The Ecco Golf Men’s BIOM Golf Hybrid shoe retails for $190.00 and can be found on Ecco’s company website.

Ecco Men’s BIOM Golf Hybrid Shoe

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