Gearing Up: Ecco Women’s Chic Life Street Bootie

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After reading this headline, I’m sure you’re asking why I’m reviewing a golf shoe for women. To be fair, I’m just transposing the review on the new Ecco Women’s Chic Life Street Bootie; my wife, Kristen, was the willing product tester this time around.

Ecco Golf continues to push the limits on golf style, fashion and performance for both men and women. However, as many women will probably agree, most ladies’ golf shoes are flat out hideous to look at. Ecco Golf took this majority opinion to heart when designing the new Chic Life Street Bootie, which Kristen very much appreciated.

The most pleasing aspects of the Chic Bootie is that they fit more like gym shoes instead of “stiff” golf shoes. This is largely due to the comfortable heel and high-top outer sole design that wraps snugly around the golfer’s ankle, adding stability to the joint when playing 18 holes. The rich leather upper provides increase comfort and breathability for the shoe, which Kristen also pointed out during a recent round of golf.


To be fair, the Ecco Chic Life Street Bootie features an appearance that may be a required taste for some female players. The outer sole appears glossy or metallic by design, which in turn appears downright shiny when playing in the sunlight. While not a preference for my Product Tester by Proxy, she did acknowledge that her taste favored more traditional designs overall.

The Ecco Women’s Chic Life Street Bootie retails for $180.00, is available in a variety of different color combinations and can be found in most major golf equipment retailers.

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