Gearing Up Exclusive: Cleveland 588 Custom Driver

In late 2013, Cleveland Golf released their 588 Altitude driver series that appealed to golfers with a moderate swing speed who were looking for unparalleled distance. This month, Cleveland has announced their new 588 Custom driver to take everything up another level.

Luckily for you, dear reader, I had a chance to try it out.

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True to their history for traditional flare, the Cleveland 588 Custom driver will remind you of classic designs from years past. Don’t let the old-school look fool you, this club is jam-packed with technology that you may have missed in the Altitude series.

While the Altitude driver is simple in that it lacks adjustability, the 588 Custom allows you to adjust its face angle. As a reminder, folks, adjusting face angle will also impact the club’s loft, so tread carefully. Fortunately, Cleveland included a useful guide along with the driver wrench to help you choose the perfect setting for your game.


The feel of the driver is incredible. Absolutely incredible. The ball explodes off the clubface effortlessly while the club leaves you with a soft, muted feel at impact. The 588 Custom exudes a “players” sound when hit, reminding me of a forged “crisp” sensation I normally only feel in irons.

In terms of distance, the club is far and away one of the longest I’ve ever hit. If you think the TaylorMade SLDR or Cleveland Altitude were long… you haven’t seen anything yet. Aided by a weighted screw toward the back of the club, the Cleveland 588 Custom was engineered to help you hit the ball further than you ever felt possible.

If you are looking for an incredible driver without a ton of fancy tinkering or adjustability, look no further than the Cleveland 588 Custom driver.

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