Gearing Up: Golf Pride Z-Grip Patriot

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One of the most underrated and overlooked pieces of golf equipment are the grips on your clubs. They are literally your connection to the club, however most amateur players will leave the same grips on their clubs long after they’ve become worn. The new Z-Grip Patriot grip model by Golf Pride not only looks good on your sticks, but you can also help out a worthy cause in the process.

I reported on the Z-Grip Patriot back in January following the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show, but I haven’t had the chance to try them out for myself until recently. As I mentioned months ago, a portion of every Z-Grip Patriot purchase is donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation, which is dedicated to providing scholarships for dependents and spouses of service members who were either killed or disabled in military service. You also get your hands wrapped around one of the highest quality golf grips I have tested in years.

The Z-Grip Patriot is designed with a uniquely textured surface pattern that includes strategically placed black pebbled bands. These bands enhance the tackiness and traction of the grips, making them suitable for players of all skill levels. I experienced the same during my review session with the Z-Grip Patriot, which is now on all of my clubs.

I cannot overstate the importance of changing the grips on your clubs every year. Even if you don’t play very often during the golf season, chances are you have your clubs in storage somewhere like a garage, shed or basement. Humidity and barometric changes can wreak havoc on your golf grips, even with limited use. Trust me; you will see a difference in your game with a new set of grips every year.

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