Gearing Up: Goose Golf Towels

Golf towels are an often overlooked piece of equipment for most players. After all, their main purpose is to get dirty and covered in grass stains. The folks at Goose Golf Solutions want to add some personality to your game by way of the largest number of designs I have seen in a golf towel.

Keeping your golf clubs clean is critical to the performance of your equipment. Dirty grooves can reduce spin and distance after impact, which leads to rising scores and handicaps. Having a high-quality golf towel can remedy this problem. The towels offered by Goose Golf are a good place to start.

Each towel boasts a four-level construction that traps water in its fabric, which keeps the towel damp for an entire 18 holes. Because of this design you can also wet one side of the towel while keeping the opposite completely dry. Believe me; this feature comes in handy on rainy days when you need to wipe down your grips.

Goose Golf also offers a smaller towel called the Putting-Mate, a towel meant to keep in your pocket to clean your golf ball on the greens. Each Putting-Mate towel comes equipped with a magnetic ball marker.

The Goose Golf towel and Putting-Mate towel combo is a steal at only $22.99 and can be purchased from the company’s Web site.