Gearing Up:~HIRZL Gloves

ORLANDO, Fla. – Professional and amateur golfers alike want the same qualities in a golf glove: control, comfort and reliability. Hirzl gloves provide these qualities along with style and affordability… and a glowing endorsement from renowned short-game instructor Dave Pelz.

I spoke with Pelz at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show about his thoughts on Hirzl and why he chose to endorse them.

“The golf glove is important for many reasons,” Pelz said. “For me in particular, since I teach the short game, the lighter the player grips the club for short shots the better. The lighter they grip it, the less tension in their hands. Tight muscles don’t move very well, and that’s especially true for the hand muscles.

“I’ve been looking for a good glove for years that allows me to grip the club lightly without losing control. I heard about Hirzl and gave them a try.”

Pelz lives in Texas most of the year and normally plays in extremely warm weather. As we all know, hands sweat a lot in high heat, which can lead to a poor grip on your golf club. Pelz explained that the Hirzl glove remedies that issue as he discovered during a recent practice session.

“One day was over 100 degrees and I was pouring sweat down my arms and hands. The Hirzl performed really well. To test the gloves further, I completely submerged my glove in water. After griping the club five times I started hitting balls again. I never hit a shot where the club slipped out of my hands. Not once.”

Wet or dry, as Pelz explained further, the Hirzl gloves have more friction which allows a more secure grip on the club. The gloves are durable, data-tested and as Pelz put it, “simply better for holding on to the club. It’s a heck of a value.”