Gearing Up: Jones Golf Bags

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Remember the days of carrying your golf bag on one shoulder and tossing the bag on the ground next to your ball without a care in the world? It was golf during the Good Old Days, and the fine folks at Jones Sports Company are here to bring a touch of nostalgia to your next round.

The Original Jones Bag is, as the company website suggests, arguably the most successful and iconic carry bag in the history of the game. Chances are you’ve probably owned a Jones bag in the past and didn’t even realize it. I know I am in that group, so taking a look at a brand-new Jones bag recently was like time-traveling to a simpler time when I was just learning the game.

Each Original Jones Bag comes with a single padded shoulder strap (old-school, baby), the Jones signature twisted handle and a two-zippered ball pouch. There is also a full-length outerwear pouch on the belly of the bag for a light jacket during bad weather. The bag’s bottom cap is the plastic bottom mold that you will remember from most classic golf bags.

Yes, modern golf bags are convenient in that they feature stand legs and dozens of pockets to hold everything from golf balls to smart phones. But if you are looking for a classic, fashionable alternative to use as your everyday carry bag, I strongly recommend picking up an Original Jones Bag ($129) this season.

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