Gearing Up: Laser Glow Golf

Playing golf at night is usually reserved for outings, corporate events or park district special events on a Sunday evening.

Thanks to the folks over at Laser Glow Golf, what was once seen as a gimmick to most golfers now has the opportunity to expand into an everyday course option.

Laser Glow Golf is not your typical night-golf experience. Most of us who have played at night remember glow-balls, flagsticks wrapped in cheap glow necklaces and blind landing areas between the teebox and green. Laser Glow remedies these issues by offering multiple lighting units to line the fairways and hazards, illuminate the entire flagstick and even “light charge” golf balls with normal compression.

I spoke with Chuck Fricke to learn more about Laser Glow Golf at the 2013 Chicago Golf Show. Fricke said their take on night golf is simple: give golf courses more options to expand play throughout an entire calendar day. The upside to bringing a product like Laser Glow Golf to a course can literally add hours of golf rounds throughout the year. For players, it provides an alternative, fun take on a game that can be intimidating for those new to the game.

Laser Glow Golf will also be seen at this week’s pro-am event prior to the Honda Classic’s opening round. It is evident that the company is gaining traction – and exposure – to all levels of the game.

You can learn more about Laser Glow Golf by visiting the company website.