Gearing Up: Miura Wedges

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Miura Golf may not be a familiar equipment name to most golf fans, but the Japan-based company is making huge strides in club design and performance for golfers of all skill levels.

Miura Golf is the brainchild of master club maker Katsuhiro Miura and specializes in forged irons, wedges and putters. Its new wedge series features a low-carbon, mild steel complete with a chrome finish that gives each wedge a traditional, attractive feel and appearance. I recently had the chance to test out the new wedge series.

First off, these wedges are sleek and simple in their appearance. I highly appreciate this minimalistic design in a time when other club companies seem to be worried more about throwing dozens of graphics on their products than overall performance. Each club also features the Japanese character “kanji”, which translates best as “striving” or “noble effort.”

In terms of playability and performance, the Miura Wedge Series ranks right up with other top brands. The wedges are only available in odd-numbered lofts, so you may have to play a loft stronger or weaker than you are used to in a stock wedge set. Despite that unique characteristic, the Miura wedges promote a high spin rate on the golf ball with a soft feeling at impact. I was able to control my distances with the wedge consistently and predictably.

In all honesty, most amateur golfers won’t see a major difference in Miura wedge performance compared to other major brands. Better players will definitely appreciate the consistent forgiveness across each wedge’s clubface. In my opinion, the main feature that allows Miura wedges to stand out among the pack is their polished appearance.

Learn more about Miura wedges by visiting the company website.

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