Gearing Up: Nike 20XI And One RZN Golf Balls

Nike Golf continues to make a name for itself in the golf ball market, recording victories on all professional tours worldwide. Their new 20XI and One RZN golf ball series raise the bar on ball technology and distance.

The Nike 20XI and 20XI-X golf balls were developed for players looking for a boost in distance without compromising control around the greens. The balls are constructed with four layers for maximum distance off the tee and a soft feel in your short game. I usually prefer to play a softer ball, and was impressed with the feel and control I had with both models.

Speaking of soft golf balls, the Nike One RZN and RZN X golf balls are right up my alley. Both models are manufactured to provide a muffled, dull sound at impact while producing a cushion-soft feel off your clubface. These golf balls feel like you are hitting cotton balls, similar to what I remember with balata balls from years ago. Each series features a three-piece ionomer core for increased flight and distance.

Of the four ball models I tested, I preferred the feel and performance of the Nike20XI-X the most. However, I would definitely alternate between that ball and the Nike One RZN, depending on the course conditions that day.

The Nike 20XI and 20XI-X balls retail for $46 per dozen. while the Nike One RZN models will set you back $29/dozen.