Gearing Up: Nike Covert VRS Fairway Woods

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Nike Golf has upped its game with this year’s Covert VRS fairway wood series, and I’m not just talking about the club’s flashy red crown and snazzy look. These clubs not only keep up with their competitors, but they very well could be the best clubs Nike has ever built.

I had the chance to test both the 3- and 5-wood models of the Covert VRS recently, and I was impressed. These clubs feature a patented high-speed cavity backing that make the woods incredibly easy to hit from almost any lie. Thanks to the equivalent of muscle-back iron technology in a fairway wood, the Covert VRS also produces consistently longer distances, even on mishits.

Nike CovertNike Covert

While I was impressed with the overall distance both woods offered – which was 10 yards further than my current fairway wood distance – I felt like the Covert VRS produced a “hard” feeling at impact. The clubs create a sharp, tin-like sound as well, which may be unattractive to some players. Personally, I prefer a softer feel in all of my clubs.

Make no mistake about it, though: The Covert VRS is a solid, reliable fairway wood that will help you reach that par-5 in two or hit more fairways than ever before. The cavity back technology on the clubs will take some getting used to, however, as I found my distances vary from one shot to the next a bit more than I prefer.

To learn more about the Nike Covert VRS Fairway Wood, visit the company website or drop by your local major golf retailer.

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