Gearing Up: PING S55 Irons

Make no mistake about it: PING Golf is, without a doubt, one of the top golf club designers in the world. Their equipment options routinely trump those of their competitors, save for a very select few. PING continues their winning tradition of making great golf clubs with their new S55 irons series.

I had the opportunity to test the PING S55 irons recently and was immediately struck by their modern look. For me, past iron sets from PING seem a bit too gaudy or “metallic” for my taste. This is a company that prefers to stick to traditional, classic club builds more often than not, often translating to irons that look more like torture weapons than golf clubs.

The PING S55 irons not only look more modern, but they are downright beautiful to the eye.


The clubs’ specifications are highly customizable (would you expect anything less from PING?) while standard black-dot loft and lie are a bit “stronger” than normal. This means that you will get more distance right off the shelf simply due to the lower degree of loft across the set. Thanks to the clubs’ low center of gravity and meaty sole below the impact area, I had no issues hitting the S55s consistently and accurately.

In terms of feel, there is no question why PGA Tour players Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan immediately switched to these clubs in 2013. While not a forged club (they are cast iron, instead), the S55s performed and sounded exactly like how you would expect from a “better player” iron. The overly-compact clubheads may be intimidating to some players, but that is a minor con to point out for an amazing set of irons overall.

With a suggested retail of $999, the PING S55 irons are definitely on the high-end in terms of cost. If that price range is in your budget, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than these irons.

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