Gearing Up: PING Scottsdale TR Adjustable Putter

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In this age of customizable golf equipment, most golf fans are growing accustomed to adjustable drivers and fairway woods. PING Golf has found a way to introduce adjustable technology into their putter family with the new Scottsdale TR series.

If you’ve played golf for longer than five minutes, you know that PING Golf is known for pushing the envelope on new putter technology on an annual basis. The new Scottsdale TR series incorporates two new innovations to players of all skill levels.

First, the new variable-depth-groove technology features deeper grooves on the center of the putter face and they gradually get shallower toward the perimeter of the club. This helps equalize ball speeds no matter where you make contact with the golf ball, which helps with distance control and consistency.

Second, PING introduces players to the adjustable putter era. By using a specialized wrench and a small screw on the bottom of the putter’s grip, you can adjust the length of the putter shaft to as short as 31 inches or as long as 38 inches. The Scottsdale TR is literally the most customizable putter I have ever seen.


From a performance standpoint, the Scottsdale TR does not disappoint. I am a fan of heavier putters, so I preferred the B60 head shape that is a cross between a traditional blade and a mallet design. The face insert promotes a solid feel at impact, although a bit “harder” than I usually prefer. Regardless, I was pleased with how consistent my putts rolled after impact no matter which part of the face I used.

The PING Scottsdale TR putter series is available in six different putter head styles and even in belly-putter lengths. To learn more about PING putters, visit the company website.

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