Gearing Up: Ping Unveils i25 Driver

Combination was a key piece to the design of the new i25 driver from Ping.

The driver, officially unveiled today, combines functionality with an updated design. It also joins together the traits golfers had come to know two different Ping drivers by.

Altogether, the i25 is a refreshed and redesigned — not to mention — complete offering from Ping. Let’s take a closer look.

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The goal with the i25 was to combine the distance of the brand’s G-series with the workability of the Ping i-Series drivers. Geared towards golfers of varying abilities, the i25 promotes reduced spin with a more optimized launch angle.

Ping joined a high strength-to-weight ratio Ti 8-1-1 body with a variable thickness Ti 6-4 face to maximize energy transfer for a faster ball speed and ultimately more distance.

The clubhead also features high-density tungsten sole weights to lower the center of gravity and reduce spin. The placement of the weights improves the moment of inertia on solid hits — something golfers of all abilities can be thankful for.


Ping took its innovation into the shaft, which offers different weights and flex profiles without changing the swingweight. The PWR (Performance, Weighting, Responsiveness) shafts are to be matched to the weight and flex that fits the motion of the golfer’s swing. Lighter shafts, of course, promote higher ball flight and fight a fade or slice while heavier versions of the shaft promote lower ball flight and aim to battle draw-type misses.

The above mentioned functionality is paired with an improved design that not only looks good, but helps in alignment. Ping added a patented racing stripe on the crown to offer a visual cue to help golfers aim, align and promote proper swing path. The width of a golf ball, the stripes go a long way in helping with a player’s confidence before — and during — a swing.

Loft options in the i25 include 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5. Three different shafts (the PWR 55, 65 and 75) will range in weight from 51-78 grams and Ping’s 360 ID8 and ID8 Full Cord grips will be stock on the club with nine color options.

Retailing at $440, the Ping i25 driver will hit stores next month.

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