Gearing Up: The Putt Pad

The golf market is saturated with training aids ranging from highly complex gadgets to simple club alterations.

Many will cause more grief than anything, especially when you have to actually travel to a golf course to use it. The new Putt Pad, however, is a simple yet compact way to improve your putting, even in your own home.

Geared towards being your own personal putting coach, the Putt Pad’s design and purpose is easy to learn. Basically an elongated mouse pad, the Putt Pad features a yardstick-like measurement graphic on which you rest your putter to assist with alignment. Place your golf ball in the designated cut-away area, line up your putter following the pad’s alignment lines and take your putter back to a specific target line on the pad. Each line is approximately an inch apart which translates to a foot of roll on most practice putting greens.

The benefits of using the Putt Pad are many, most notably to improve your distance control on putts inside 10 feet. I found the visual aids on the pad helpful in repeating an “eight-foot” putting stroke during a practice session. This helped ingrain the feel of how far back I should take the putter into my muscle memory, which I can now bring with me onto the course.

Retailing for $19.99, you can purchase and learn more about the Putt Pad by visiting their website