Gearing Up:~Bionic Golf Gloves

The folks over at Bionic have been pushing the innovation envelope on glove design for years. With their new 2013 golf glove line, Bionic reaches out to more golfers than ever before.

New for this year are the new PerformanceGrip, RelaxGrip, StableGrip, AquaGrip and ReliefGrip models. Simply put, I’ve never worn golf gloves like these. Bionic’s patented palm and finger padding – developed by an orthopedic surgeon – gives each glove a unique, almost robotic appearance.

I may have felt like a superhero wearing their gloves. Just saying.


The PerformanceGrip and StableGrip models are meant for serious players looking for added stability in their grip without compromising feel on the club. Both gloves offer extreme flexibility to imitate your hand’s finger and palm movement, adding to swing control. The gloves’ Triple-Row Finger Grip System evens out the surface of your hand, allowing you to grip your club with lighter pressure. Less tension in your grip promotes a free swing motion, increasing your distance and clubhead speed.

The RelaxGrip and ReliefGrip models are polar opposites that showcase the wide range Bionic covers for all golfers. The former offers light padding throughout the glove to provide maximum flexibility and feel while the latter features extreme padding that provides relief to arthritic golfers. Both feature highly-durable Cabretta leather and moisture management to keep your palms dry in any condition. The ReliefGrip model also features a LightPrene wrist enclosure for added compression and stability.

Finally, the new AquaGrip model features a suede microfiber material that becomes tackier when wet to reduce grip slippage, even in a downpour. Because, as we all know, the heavy stuff isn’t coming down for at least another hour.