Gearing Up:~ClubCrown Adds Personality to Your Driver

Drivers now come in nearly as many colors as cars. ClubCrown, however, offers a way to “pimp out” your driver in a way that Xzibit would appreciate.

The company makes semi-permanent films that, when properly installed, almost universally fit driver and fairway wood heads.

The films are available in hundreds of designs, colors, patterns and other designs, including licensed logos of collegiate programs and professional sports teams. The company’s six new collegiate offerings include designs to honor the U.S. Air Force, San Diego State University, Pepperdine, New Mexico, New Mexico State and Nevada.

ClubCrown, which official launched its product in July of 2012, can be professionally installed on your driver or metalwood and add less than a pound to the overall weight of the club. The films retail for $39.99 and can be purchased at their website, or in shops in seven states.