Gearing Up:~DryJoys Hydrolite

Playing in the rain is one of my least favorite things to do. However, the unpredictable Chicago weather can turn a sunny day into a deluge in a matter of hours.

That’s why having high-quality rain gear is a must for me, like the new DryJoys Hydrolite System from FootJoy.

The Hydrolite System combines lightweight fabrics with four-way stretch technology to create the lightest performance rainwear ever produced by FootJoy. Comfortable to wear while providing cutting-edge water protection, these garments are a must have piece of equipment for anyone who plays in wet weather conditions. You will not lose any range of motion while wearing the jacket, which is often a problem for me when choosing rain gear.

The HydroLite System is a 100 percent waterproof shell, meaning you can continue scoring on the course no matter how much Mother Nature throws at you. A waterproof front zipper (with storm flaps!) on the jacket allows for easy-on-easy-off wear while still protecting you from the elements. Each garment features sealed seams to ensure complete waterproofing, as well.

FootJoy promises a two-year warranty for the Hydrolite System, which can be purchased by visiting their website