Gearing Up:~Graphite Design Tour Shafts

Over the past few years Graphite Design golf shafts have grown in popularity both on Tour and for amateurs. The company’s new Tour AD GT shaft series promises to build on their innovative technology for the 2013 season.

The new Tour AD GT series is designed and manufactured in Japan and will be available in 50-, 60-, 70- and 80-gram weights. The new design features a stiff profile when compared to Graphite Design’s popular Tour AD DJ series released last year. This results in a higher kick point on the shaft that promotes a mid-to-high range trajectory on your golf ball without sacrificing spin.

As the “AD” initials on the shafts suggest, the new 2013 line looks to optimize accuracy and distance for players of any level. Used best in your driver or fairway woods, the GT series will be available in R2, R1, SR, S and X shaft flexes depending on your shaft weight preference (lighter shafts can support weaker flexes).

The Tour AD GT series is designed for players with swing speeds ranging anywhere between 75-100 mph and who prefer a consistent yet “mid-range” spin rate on the golf ball.