Gearing Up:~HIRZL Gloves Get a Grip

Most golf gloves come from golf equipment companies who also sell clubs, balls, hats and shirts. Gloves are just another product line. That’s not so with Hirzl, which makes their gloves special.

All they make is gloves and that’s all they’ve ever done. They make gloves for two sports: golf and cycling.

The Swiss-based Hirzl, with U.S. headquarters in Texas, makes their distinction in more than one way. They have proprietary glove technology with an ergonomic design based on scientific background on how hands are connected to sports equipment.

They use that knowledge in employing a unique set of materials in their gloves, including kangaroo leather (palm) and cabretta/airtech mesh (backhand).

Since golf is a warm-weather sport in most locales, gloves becoming sweaty and slippery can become a problem. Kangaroos don’t have sweat glands, meaning the use of ‘roo leather in the palms keep the hand from becoming soaked in sweat. The company claims its palm has up to three times as much grip in dry conditions and five times greater grip in wet conditions compared to their competition.

If you’re swinging at 150 mph, having a secure, comfortable grip is pretty important. Considering that 80 percent of the finalists in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships used Hirzl gloves, the bombers offer quite an endorsement.

Hirzl golf gloves are available in three series: Trust Control for the best grip, Trust Feel for lower-handicap players and those seeking better grip and performance in all types of weather conditions and Sofft Flex for softness and long-lasting performance in a cabretta glove.

All Hirzl golf gloves are available in men’s and ladies models, in right and left hand from small to extra large sizes. Cadet sizes are available, too.