Gearing Up:~MaxXcel Sports Trainer

ORLANDO, Fla. – Strength in your hands and forearms is essential to maintaining control of your golf club throughout your swing. Thanks to a new training aid from MaxXcel Sports, you can build up your hand muscles each time you visit the driving range.

What’s great about the MaxXcel FP360 Golf Strength Trainer is that it easily fits over the grip of your golf club and requires no additional parts or devices. The patented design forces you to squeeze the grip during your swing, giving your palms and fingers one heck of a work out.

Why strengthen your hand and forearm muscles? With stronger forearm muscles, you’ll have more control over the club throughout your swing to deliver a square clubface at impact. As well all know, a proper impact position promotes maximum control and distance no matter what club you hit.

Trust me; I know the premise sounds contradictory at first. Tension in the golf swing is usually a really bad idea. However, that’s what impressed me so much about the FP360. Iits design is so simple yet effective in building my grip strength without compromising my practice session. It is evident that years of planning and testing have gone into this training aid, so rest assured your money will be well-spent.

The MaxXcel Sports FP360 grip strengthening aid can be purchased from the company website for $24.95.